How To Save The Planet By Recycling Styrofoam

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Posted 17 Mar 2017 in Application

The Environmental Impact Of Styrofoam

Why should you bother with styrofoam recycling? Well, Americans throw away millions of polystyrene cups annually … and that’s not including all of the other EPS waste we use throughout the day.

Styrofoam is a lot like a plastic bag: it can sit in landfills for centuries, and it’s toxic when burned.

From your coffee cup to your takeout container, styrofoam is everywhere. But is styrofoam recyclable? Here’s the short answer: yes, styrofoam can be recycled. However, there aren’t many recycling facilities that accept it because it isn’t cost-effective to recycle.

How To Recycle Styrofoam

Recycling styrofoam is measured and valued by the ton at most facilities. Unfortunately, since styrofoam is so light and bulky, it’s difficult for facilities to manage all that styrofoam. However, recycling styrofoam will be easy if you depend on special equipment: styrofoam compactor. Styrofoam compactor uses auger compaction technology to compress bulky waste styrofoam extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks – with no re-expansion.

Styrofoam Recycling Styrofoam compactor



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