Is Styrofoam Recyclable?

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Posted 19 Oct 2017 in Application

The fact is most types of Styrofoam are recyclable, yes surprisingly it is. The difficulty can there be aren’t many facilities that accept this material for recycling. For recycling to be cost effective and feasible you’ll need a big amount of material. Recycling is measured and valued because of the ton. Styrofoam can be so light and bulky that this will make it difficult for facilities to manage Styrofoam. Styrofoam is comparable to plastic bags for which it requires a tremendously very long time to split down naturally. It sits in landfills for many years. A lot municipal and commercial waste is brought to incinerators in the area. The Styrofoam is then burned. The problem could it be can be very toxic when burned and produces almost no energy from combustion. There really isn’t an excellent disposal means for Styrofoam.


However, Styrofoam compactor is a better way of recycling styrofoam. HARDEN Styrofoam compactors produce high density logs allowing trailers to be loaded to maximum weights. The styrofoam compactor compacts waste Styrofoam packaging blocks, Styrofoam fish boxes, and Styrofoam board to absolute minimum, up to 50 to 1 size reduction. With this significant volume reduction, the compacted Styrofoam will takes up much less storage space, and it makes logs that facilitate transport and handling. This means a big cost saving and higher residual value of scraps.

Styrofoam Compactor

Features of Harden Styrofoam Compactors

  • Optimal compressing results thanks to a performance-oriented machine concept
  • Long service life thanks to a robust design
  • High degree of operational safety thanks to durable structure
  • Customisable thanks to a modular overall construction concept
  • Save space and handling costs through rapid, efficient waste management
  • Save energy – no heat required in the process
  • Profit from selling for reuse
  • Hours long operation without overheating thanks to specially designed auger
  • Comfortable, fully automatic operation
  • Highly efficient thanks to low operating and maintenance costs
  • CE labelling
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