Styrofoam Crushers

Applications of Styrofoam Crushers


Styrofoam crushers are used to make flakes from Styrofoam blocks for cushion applications and for further recycling. Styrofoam peanutsThe machine can also reduce the volume of polystyrene foam for easier transportation. Either it is packaging material, insulation board, cut-offs from modeling, and skeleton form Styrofoam sheet thermoforming, the machine crush the big peaces into smaller 1″ to 1.6″ flakes, which can be a replacement of peanuts for cushion packaging and can be easily feed into extruders to make pellets.

How Styrofoam Crushers Works

You throw Styrofoam boxes into the machine hopper.The crusher knives break the foam boxes into smaller flakes.AnStyrofoam Flakes optional screen under the crushing chamber and out-feed flakes of size 1″/1.6″/2.4″. The Styrofoam flakes are collected in the plastic bag.The result is small pieces of Styrofoam flakes to be used for cushion applications or for extrusion pelletizing.

HARDEN Styrofoam crushers break your Styrofoam boxes, Styrofoam sheet, EPP blocks, and XPS foam board to smaller pieces of 1″ to 2.4″ in diameter.  Feed opening from 19.7″ to 47.2″. The flakes will takes up less storage space, and it facilitate further processing of compaction and extrusion pelletizing. The machine is used in mailing centers, packaging shops, and Styrofoam recycling centers.

HARDEN Styrofoam crushers are made in China with very competitive price.

Styrofoam Crusher Styrofoam Crusher


Features and Benefits of HARDEN Styrofoam Crushers

  1. Reduce the volume of Styrofoam boxes to 1/3 of its original space.
  2. Quiet breaking, noise level as low as 76db.
  3. Patented breaker knife design, efficient foam shredding.
  4. Automatic counter rotating breaker shaft when hit hard material.
  5. Advanced breaker design, easy maintenance.
  6. Minimized dust generation.
  7. Reliable quality, durable machine.
  8. Suitable for different applications, from mail shops to recycling factories.
  9. Inexpensive equipments for faster return on investment.

 Technical Specifications of Styrofoam Crushers

Motor power KW1.52.235.5
Knife speed rpm50423636
Throughput kg/h50120250360
Feeding capacity m3/h4-67-1010-1515-25
Feed opening size mm600*420720*504850*6001000*800
Flake dimension mm25-5025-5025-5025-50

Technical details are subject to change. Complete Styrofoam recycling line with belt conveyor and canvas silo is also available.

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