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EPS packaging has a positive environmental record

Posted 15 Jun 2012 — by Marketing
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EPS recycling machines | Harden Industries■ Ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs have never been used in the manufacture of EPS.

■ The manufacture of EPS packaging is a low-pollution process.

■ Computer-aided design ensures that the minimum amount of material is used to make an appropriate EPS pack.

■ The excellent protection and insulation offered by EPS helps to prevent wastage and spoilage.

■ EPS is 100 per cent recyclable and 100s of tonnes of EPS are recycled each month in the UK.

■ EPS is inert and innocuous and provides stability in landfill because it does not biodegrade and leach chemicals into the
water system or gases into the air that could contribute to global warming.

■ The use of EPS for insulation in the construction industry helps to reduce the energy used to heat and cool buildings.

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