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Pallet made of 98 percent air can bear a load of 600 kilograms

Posted 05 Mar 2012 — by Marketing
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The newly developed disposable pallets made of expanded polystyrene are lightweight with heavy loading capacity: The model in the standard Europallet dimensions is suitable for bearing dynamic loads of up to 660 kilograms and has a tare weight of just 2.6 kilograms. This reduces transport costs and speaks particularly in favor of its use for airfreight. As expanded polystyrene is dust-free and non-sensitive to water and most chemicals, EPS pallets are particularly suitable for use with pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

In many industries, pallets made of plastic materials are used as a rule instead of wooden pallets because of the strict hygiene regulations. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) – also known under the trade name Styropor – has the particular advantage of being light: it is foamed from granulate, whereby the finished product consists of 98% air. That also makes LIGHT pallet suitable, in addition to special applications, an attractive and cost-cutting load carrier for freight and commercial transport in almost every industrial sector.Pallet made of 98 percent air can bear a load of 600 kilograms

The pallets are available in the standard dimensions 800 x 1200 mm and 400 x 600 mm. Experience from almost five
decades of processing EPS allows pallets to be produced with high precision. The pallet has a uniform structure with a good weld between the cells.

EPS pallets can be disposed of without a problem. There is a steady demand for used EPS as the recycling of the material is well developed, and there are many economically efficient secondary applications.

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