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Polyurethane Foam Compactor

Posted 12 Oct 2012 — by Marketing
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Polyurethane foam compactor is specially used to compact polyurethane foam and PU foam. Polyurethane Foam Compactor can reduce polyurethane foam volume by 20 times and greatly save storage and transportation costs.

How The Polyurethane Foam Compactor Works:

You throw PU scraps into the machine hopper. The pre-breaker breaks the foam blocks into smaller flakes An auger compactor presses the foam into compacted logs You stack the logs onto pallets.

Polyurethane Foam Compactor | Stryofoam Denifier | Harden Industry

Polyurethane Foam Compactor Features:

* Compacted PU foam blocks by ratio of 20 to 1

* Achieves a density in the range of 150kg/m³ to 250 kg/ m³

* Equip with a pre-crusher

* Compact and modular design

* Customization for options of different feeding width, with and without crusher, and diesel power driving

Polyurethane Foam Compactor Parameters:

Polyurethane Foam Compactor | Styrofoam Compactor


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