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Densified Styrofoam and baled RPS

Posted 10 Sep 2012 — by Marketing
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RPS | Styrofoam Compactor

RPS can be baled in conventional fibre/container municipal balers and or small briquetters and vertical balers(cardboard type).

Densification of Styrofoam involves the use of heat to cause the molecular polymer chains of Styrofoam to retract from their expanded, foamed positions, resulting in a mass reduction of 90:1. The average compression ratio of Styrofoam in a conventional fibre/plastic baler is 15:1. The use of an Styrofoam densifier can yield the following benefits:

– lower transportation costs to market

– enhanced value and broader market for densified material

– elimination of baling Styrofoam, freeing up baling equipment for higher volume materials

Densified Styrofoam and baled RPS are one of the main resources of manufacturers around the world. It is used to make picture frames, furniture, fences, electronics, electrical components, toys, CD jewel cases, clothes, carpets and more. The price of PS is closely related to the price of oil and will fluctuate.


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