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Possible Ways to Reduce Styrofoam Waste

Posted 27 Jul 2012 — by Marketing
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The only way to achieve a sustainable waste reduction strategy is to change the community’s wasteful habits. At the same time, we would promote the use of more environmentally friendly replacements such as reusable tableware.

Whilst the use of degradable disposable food containers may be more acceptable than that of plastic foam food containers, the priority is still to avoid and reduce the use of disposable products in the first place. We should reduce the amount of Styrofoam waste by the following ways:

For Schools
• Choose to use reusable tableware (such as stainless steel or plastic) for school lunch to replace disposable plastic foam lunch boxes
• Encourage students to bring their own lunch (in reusable tableware)

For Food Suppliers and Restaurants
• Avoid the use of disposable plastic foam containers for in-house consumption
• Supply reusable tableware instead of plastic foam lunch boxes to schools
• Use environmentally friendly food/drink containers and tableware as appropriate replacements for plastic foam products
• Consider providing a discount to customers who bring their own containers to buy take-away food/drink

For Individuals
• Avoid using plastic foam food/drink containers or other disposable products at home or for parties
• Avoid using plastic foam food/drink containers when you dine out in a restaurant
• Bring your own lunch
• Try not to buy products with excessive EPS packaging
• Recycle EPS packaging through the programme on Source

Separation of Domestic Waste
• Reuse EPS containers, e.g. for potting plant

The basic facts of Styrofoam waste

Posted 21 May 2012 — by Marketing
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Although Styrofoam breaks into pieces easily, it will take 500 years for one cup to dissolve.

Our national averages 547,945 tons of garbage per day and Styrofoam products make up 0.25% of this weight. It sounds a little more impressive when that comes out to 1,369 tons. Don’t forget, this stuff is pretty light weight. By volume of Styrofoam waste takes up 25-30% of our nation’s landfill space.

There are over 25million Styrofoam cups thrown away each year.


Styrofoam Reuse

• Foam insulation can be ground up and made into beanbag chairs.

•Styrofoam sheeting insulation and molded Styrofoam can also be shredded to be used for packaging fillers.

•It would not be worthwhile to try and re-use a Styrofoam food or beverage container for its purpose for more than 2-3 times, because the material is flimsy and begins to break up. Cups can be re-used for plant seedlings, but then again there is the underlying issue of whether or not Styrene transfers to the plant itself.

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